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pjur wants to improve your love life and quality of life. We help you rediscover your passion and joy, enable you to enjoy carefree sex and increase your sexual wellbeing. We are an inspiring force that encourages you to get to know yourself and embrace your sex life free from taboos. Because a fulfilled sex life increases self-confidence and is the basis for good quality of life. pjur’s current product portfolio comprises more than 60 premium intimate products in a range of different categories. These include premium water- and silicone-based personal lubricants, stimulation and delay products as well as specialist products for niche areas.

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Our promise of quality for you

We do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products. We work daily to continually improve our quality and put the satisfaction of you as our customer first. We grow through development and innovation. We produce our products exclusively in Germany, using high-quality ingredients that are highly effective and provide our customers with the safety they need to have a fulfilling sex life.

pjur is a certified manufacturer of medical devices in line with the EN ISO/ISO 13485 standard, and has over 27 years’ experience in the industry. The pjur product portfolio includes lubricants that comply with the new EU Medical Device Regulation. All of our personal lubricants are Class IIb medical devices and are safe to use with latex condoms, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate fully on your sex life.

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