pjur - more than 25 years of expertise & quality

The pjur group is a globally active company with corporate locations in the USA, Australia and headquarters in Luxembourg, Europe.

Our company’s core business ranges from cosmetic to medical products, all based around our core competency of skin care. The pjur group markets products primarily under its own brand name, "pjur".
"pjur" (pronounced as the English word "pure") uses ingredients of the highest possible purity levels and is synonymous with uncompromising premium quality.

All company products have been developed internally and are manufactured 100 per cent in Germany, without exception. pjur personal lubricants meet the quality standards of the European Union, US and Australian health authorities. pjur products are currently distributed in approximately 70 countries within diverse market segments.

Alexander Giebel - CEO & Founder

» pjur is my lifestyle and my passion. Living a life with an orientation on purity and quality is the ideal from which pjur was born. It is satisfying and fun for me to realize that I can share these values with the millions of people who use pjur products. pjur gives me a good feeling, every day. pjur is a global team operation. From the head office of the pjur group in Luxembourg to all of our partner offices worldwide, we all work together as a strong and motivated team to inspire every individual customer, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or mentality, to increase his or her quality of life with pjur. «

pjur Worldwide

Headquartered in Wasserbillig, Luxembourg, the pjur group has become an international company whose products are sold in over 70 countries on five continents. The portfolio consists of more than 60 innovative products in six different product categories and continues to grow every year. The pjur group is constantly growing and aspires to be the first choice for consumers and business partners alike. Therefore, pjur is always looking to expand its network of international business relations with new partners. The strong pjur partnerships from around the globe have proven to be the catalyst for the brand and one of the reasons why pjur is able to provide world class products for various markets, cultures, and target groups on a consistent basis.